I have the time

“It is because of you that your organization has reached where it has reached. And it is again because of you that your organization is not becoming what it can become. You were its strength and you have become weakness. In the long journey of growth, like every other aspect, your strengths too should mature and adapt to changing situations; else your very strength would become your weakness. Your approach for Class XII will not work for Professional Education. Your approach as a salesman and your approach as a sales manager cannot be the same. As a salesman, your success is your success, but as a sales manager, your team’s success is your success. What worked in building an organization from 0 to 10 crores will not work if the organization has to be taken from 10 to 50 crores; and from 500 to 1000 crores is a different story altogether. Your very strength in ‘Test Cricket’ will be you weakness in ‘T20′. What you have been has led you up to this point. From here on, unless you change, your future will not change. Your tomorrow will be mere repetition of your yesterday. If you keep doing the same things, you will keep getting the same results. If you want new results, you have to do new things. You have walked to this point. Now, you will have to trek to the top. The need of the hour is to change yourself as well as your approach.” Avyakta boomed.

Though the basis of associations and fraternities seems to be networking, socializing and mutual learning, the fact is that individual egos sometimes feel a little inadequate. Thus, we seek to be in the shadow of a collective ego. Also, collective fear is courage. Associations and fraternities provide that cover for an ego that feels inadequate and insecure. If collectiveness can aid progress, then why not take that path? This evening was part of the fifth anniversary celebrations of the ‘Small and Medium Enterprises Association’. Avyakta was invited to be the key speaker of the evening.

He continues his address, “In the beginning of your career and in the infant stages of building an organization, your most important resource, after yourself, is money. Money influences your decision making in a big way. You trade your time for money. Then comes a point when time becomes your most precious resource. The value of 100 rupees is 100 rupees. But the value of one hour depends on who uses that one hour. So, there comes a time in your life when you must trade your money for time; in fact, time should become the key factor that influences your decision making. Will it save my time? Where can I economize time? Is it worth my time? How do I create a time for this? Till this point, your criteria for recruitment were to contribute to productivity and profits; but, from now onwards there should also be recruitment to save your time. Keep asking yourself, ‘My future comes from where my time goes; so where should my time go?’ Whether it is taking care of your health and fitness, building an organization, diversifying your business, being there for the family, pursuing your talents and hobbies, reaching out to make a difference to society, or focusing on your spiritual growth- for everything that you want to do, you need to have the time. In essence, we reach a point in life when ‘time’ becomes our God.”

Most of men, have two dominant questions in their mind, “From here , where? From here, how?” Avyakta explained, “First of all, stop viewing priorities vertically. It is not career first, then family, then health, and so on…Start viewing priorities horizontally. Your career is as important as your family; your health is as important as your spiritual growth, and so on….Several things are equally important in life. In an organization, the efficiency of the accounts department is as significant as the maintenance; sales is as important as costing; so on and so forth. The question is not ‘Out of everything, which is the best’ but ‘How to get the best out of everything? “Apply the formula of ‘Top-5′ to anything and everything in your life,” said Avyakta. “Identify your Top 5 priorities and give them your time and attention. Not a week should go by without working on the Top 5 in some way. That on which you invest time, GROWS.

You yourself are your obstacle, rise above yourself.