His Fault Her Fault Their Fault Not Me

While I was driving the radio announced, “A ninth standard student stabbed his teacher to death inside the classroom. Her remarks in his report card seem to have provoked this reaction…” This was the flash news across almost all forms of media over the next few days. ‘Why this murderous rage’ was the question in me?
“The present education system focuses only on academics, especially scoring marks and totally neglects the humane side of the student,” says a columnist. “We used to revere our teachers then; it is not the case now,” says a senior government official. “Parents are the culprits. They pamper the children too much and that leads to such behavior,” a teacher laments. “Other than sleeping and playing time, a major portion of a child’s day is spent in school. We hand over children with the
belief that the school environment will create them. But…” a father voiced out his agony. The boy had himself said that he got the idea from a movie. Cinema destroys culture. It poisons the mind,” was angry voice of a social activist. “The real world is worse. We make movie based on what we see in the society. Billa, Ranga, Sobhraj, etc all were scandalous characters in real life,” was the counter retort of a famous film director. “Kaliyug has come. The society and nation
have become bad. Even the priest in the temple is not pure,” says an elderly gentleman.

Everybody keeps blaming everybody and everything- The media, Movies, politicians, society and the world. But who actually creates a child? Who actually influences a child? I picked up the habit of reading and doing yoga from my father. My father’s friend influenced me to do engineering. My mother stirred an interest in film music. My friend influenced my choice for branded clothing. My chief mentor spoke on the importance of a basic work out and pranayama on a daily basis. Who actually influences a child? It can be the father, mother, grandpa, Rajnikant, Shah Rukh Kahn, Osama, Obama, Dawood, Mother Teresa and all of us for that matter. The truth is- we are a product of our environment. Our environment creates us. What should I do then? Instead of blaming it on the society and its negative influence, let’s play our role properly. Let’s be a positive influence on our children and loved ones. Let them imbibe our positive qualities, which will in turn shield them from negative influences.

People blame the society. But who makes the society? In general, we exclude ourselves from it. But the truth is he is part of it; you and I are also part of it. All of us make this society. An individual blaming the society is like a cell in the body blaming the body. The body is nothing but a collection of all the individual cells. The cell is the basic unit of the body, and ‘YOU’ are the basic component of the society and world. You are the society. Please take responsibility for your action and your behavior. A street play on the life of Raja Harishchandra influenced young Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi to be honest and led him to become Mahatma Gandhi. The one who played the role Raja Harishchandra might not have known who Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was, but played a part in creating a Mahatma. Mahatma Gandhi didn’t know Martin Luther King, but influenced Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King influenced Barack Obama. Similarly, Obama may influence someone else. Good or bad, everybody makes an impact on someone else. All of us are playing our role in creating the world. Play your role properly – as a parent, as a spouse, as a sibling, as a student, as a professional.

A bad attitude is like a flat tyre. You cannot go anywhere till you change it.

All inventions and discoveries begin with a question. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all the answers. Someone will provide you the answers. Answers will come from ‘Out of the Blue’. What truly matters is, do you have the right questions? Ask and you shall receive.