Either don’t do it. Or do it with devotion..Nothing in between.

Take a lemon and cut it into two. Use a squeezer and squeeze the juice into a glass. Add the required amount of sugar and a pinch of salt, preferable black salt. Fill the glass with cold water and stir thoroughly. The lime juice is ready. It’s such a simple preparation and yet lime juice doesn’t taste the same when made by two different people. Beyond lemon, sugar, salt and water, there is an invisible ingredient in the preparation of lime juice – and this invisible ingredient makes all the difference.

In everything we make, create and produce there is an invisible ingredient, and this invisible ingredient makes the difference between the better and the best, the ordinary and the extraordinary, the good and the excellent. Was the work done with love and happiness or was it performed with apathy and reluctance? The involvement of the heart in any task performed is that invisible ingredient. Is the heart 101% into what is being done –that’s the crucial question? Tiredness and devotion are inversely proportional.

Either don’t do it. Or do it with devotion. Nothing in between.